About us

The Zero-Gravity Marketplace has finally arrived! Our new Marketplace is a realization of the vision and purpose for Zero-Gravity Solutions to provide quality product and services as well as a platform for entrepreneurs and socially minded people to come together.

We believe in being of service to others so much so that we built our company on exactly that foundation.

We believe we make more of difference and have greater impact when we all act together. We see The Marketplace will be the first place where you buy, we donate. We call this Giving Forward.

In the Marketplace, you will see some of your favorite online stores such as Amazon, stores where you might already be making purchases. We have forged partnerships with these companies whose products and services are those you need for yourselves, your friends, your family, and your businesses.

By coming to The Marketplace and clicking on our partners’ links, you will be taken directly to their website and you can purchase as you normally do. The cost to you is exactly the same as if you went to their site directly. But by adding this one little step to your buying habit, by coming to The Marketplace first, and then making your purchase, we receive a commission. We then donate a portion of these proceeds to the charities our members nominated for our bi-annual Charity Focus.

From the list of nominated charities by our members, the top 3 – 4 are in our Charity Focus for the next 6-month cycle. We make becoming a member easy – it’s free and you can use your Facebook or Google+!

Membership privileges include the ability:

  • to nominate your favorite Charity for the next Charity Focus
  • to nominate your favorite store to add to The Marketplace
  • to post your comments
  • (optional) to receive email notifications of events in The Marketplace


Even if your favorite charity didn’t make it into this Charity Focus cycle,there are still ways to support them.You can make a request for a special campaign whereby making purchases of specific products, like Shimmering Data Enterprise, you have earmarked that purchase for your favorite charity.

To find out how to make a special request (or recommend your favorite place to shop!):  Contact Us

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