At the core of our founding principles of Zero-Gravity Solutions is to create solutions, products and service projects that foster an engaged community with vigor and compassion, that together will assist society in building and integrating truly sustainable systems for our future. There are countless charities that were founded by the spark of compassion of individuals or groups of people for something they witnessed that moved them to passionate, creative action. Typically, these were considered avocations, hobbies, or pet projects – because most often these endeavors don’t provide goods or services that can be monetized, or can’t be sufficiently monetized for the work they need to do. Having founded, worked for, or been part of several charitable organizations we have witnessed the amount of time, energy (both personal [time and attention,] and financial energy) it takes to raise funds. The conversations that occur during the raising of funds are essential – they keep the issue alive in the hearts and minds of everyone involved lest the benefactors of the charitable service are forgotten. Our aim is to provide a baseline financial buffer for these organizations so that their conversations remain in a creative process rather than one in survival.

We began with the creation of our own products and associated reseller programs, with portion of net proceeds going towards investing in the work of select charities. In addition, people can indicate a specific charity’s code and additional funds from these charges – including recurring charges, would go to that charity.

Our products include:
Shimmering Data Security – Enterprise edition | online backup, disaster recovery, archival solution with unique Smartphone features
Shimmering Data Flex, an online secure document sharing and data backup solution perfect for mobile consumers and businesses on the go.
Brain Sugar Health– Performance Sound Technology programs for your brain
Performance Dynamix– Performance Coaching & Business Systems Consulting services
Zero-Gravity Design Services– Graphic, media and web design services
ZGS Beyond Business – our Consulting services for Business, Education, Technology and Performance
… more coming soon!

The Zero-Gravity Marketplace is an expansion of this initiative. Now Zero-Gravity’s products as well as those of companies we have chosen to partner with are available through the Marketplace. The companies we’ve created an association with have affiliate [we say, affinity ] programs and whose products/services we have found to be of good value and substance.


On our Home Page you will see that our partners are familiar companies you probably use regularly like Amazon.com. You will also see highlighted companies and those that are new to our network.

Some of our partners supply the kind of services that would support entrepreneurs and new business owners in getting their business set up in today’s web-based world with hosting, site design, social media integration and other associated business needs on a consulting basis. Companies like GoDaddy, Siteground, Grasshopper and Zero-Gravity Solutions.

Continue to check back and you will see the list of our affinity [affiliate] partners growing in the Health | Fitness | Sports, Travel & Leisure, Specialty Retail, Gourmet & Home Goods and other categories.

Is there an online store you think we should add to our Marketplace – Let us know!


The Zero-Gravity Marketplace is designed to service our charitable giving/investment group (even to a charity of your suggestion) and to provide you good value services that pay us a commission on any resulting purchase you make after clicking their link inside the ZGS Marketplace site. The cost to you is the same.

That’s right, no additional cost to you! Even in these tight financial times, you can shop for what you need and support the charitable organizations whose service you value, without impacting your wallet at all. We see this as investing in the future.

We know you can shop elsewhere or go direct to the companies we showcase here, but by simply starting here before you buy, you will contribute to making all the difference in the world.

Is there an online store you think we should add to our Marketplace – Let us know!


Every year we select 3 to 4 Charitable Organizations to direct 15% our profits (net proceeds) to. They can be selected more than once, but as there are so many whose work we value, we want to focus on a smaller group at a time so that the amount given/invested is more concentrated.

Currently, we are supporting the missions of:

    • Easter Seals Dixon Center
    • Kiva
    • Best Friends Animal Society

Here is a list of some of the other charities that we have on our list to vote for next rounds of our Charity Focus:

    • Big Brothers Big Sisters
    • Plan International
    • Room to Read
    • Doctors without Borders
    • Nothing but Nets
    • The Hunger Project
    • First Book
    • Modest Needs
    • Wikipedia
    • Red Cross
    • Sport Climbing Australia
    • … more to come!

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