100 under $100: One hundred Tools for Empowering Global Women


March 6, 2015
by Betsy Teutsch

She Writes Press, 2015
Full Color trade paperback -182 pages with 175 photos
9.5 x 11 inches


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100 Under $100: One Hundred Tools for Empowering Global Women is a comprehensive look at effective, low-cost solutions for helping women in the Global South out of poverty. Most books on this subject focus on one problem and one solution; author Betsy Teutsch instead spreads her net wide, sharing one hundred successful, proven paths out of poverty in eleven different sectors―including tech, public health, law, finance, and more―in a visually striking book full of images of vibrant, strong women farmers, health practitioners, entrepreneurs, and humanitarian tech stars doing exciting, cutting-edge work. Eye-opening and compelling, 100 Under $100 is an accessible entry point for globally-attuned readers excited about using a broad range of tools to empower women and help alleviate poverty in the developing world.

For each book purchased, the author will be donating a life-saving dose of Misoprostol to Life for African Mothers. Miso is a simple and effective treatment recommended by the WHO to prevent post-partum hemorrhaging, a leading cause of maternal deaths in the developing world.
LFAM distributes medications in low-resource regions with fragile health systems where mothers tragically die in childbirth—from completely preventable causes. One pill can save a mother’s life. Babies – and any older children in the family – are at very high risk if they lose their mothers, so Miso is a life-saver for them, as well. Thanks for doing your part to help the world’s mothers!


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